As a teacher, I hope to encourage a curiosity and openness to musical ideas, emphasize a
balanced and thoughtful approach to playing the instrument, foster exploration of the full
range of historical styles, and help my students find their own voice.

Teaching is a very important part of my life. I am fortunate to have worked with wonderful musicians in my studios at The Boston Conservatory, Boston University and at the Cello Seminar. I am enormously proud of their accomplishments. Never before has there been such a variety of ways to be a musician in the world. Though financial difficulties and dwindling government support of the arts has driven us to rethink many traditional career options the solutions people have come up with are truly inspiring.

Elgar's Cello Concerto in E minor discussed and performed by cellist Nathaniel Taylor. Performed by the Boston Conservatory Orchestra and conducted by Jonathan McPhee at Harvard's Sanders Theater. Nathaniel: Instagram: Website: Boston Conservatory at Berklee Subscribe: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

Websites of some wonderfully creative cellists who have been my students:

Jennifer Bewerse, Justin Dougherty, and Mckenna Longacre

Jennifer Bewerse -

Irina Chirkova -

Juanchi Delgado -

Justin Dougherty -

Ignacy Grzelazka -

Bryan Hayslett -

Antoni Josef Inacay -

Sebastian Plano -

Gordon Withers -


Two graduate-level ensembles from the Boston Conservatory at Berklee will make their Millennium Stage and Washington, D.C. debuts. Sharing an hour program will be the BoCoCelli cello quartet and No Strings Attached, an honors brass quintet. No Strings Attached will perform Anthony Plog's Four Sketches for Brass Quintet, an excerpt from J.S.